Democrat hails new chapter for United States after Senate win over controversial Republican


John H. Merrill, the Alabama secretary of state, has dismissed complaints, from Democratic and Republican critics, of election fraud.

Mr Jones will be sworn in on January 3 and is the first Alabama Democrat elected to the Senate in 25 years.

Democrat Doug Jones' historic victory over Republican Roy Moore was declared official Thursday as Alabama election officials certified him the victor of the special Senate election earlier this month, despite claims of voter irregularities from his opponent. Jones said he will be an "independent voice" in the Senate and will strive for "common ground with my colleagues on both sides of the aisle".

Jones won the vacant seat by about 22,000 votes, or 1.6 percentage points, election officials said.

Jones defeated Republican Roy Moore by about 22,000 votes on December 12 and became the first Democratic Senate victory in a quarter-century in Alabama.

Merrill said the allegations of voting irregularities by Moore's team had been thoroughly investigated and found to be baseless, while a judge threw out a suit seeking to delay the results certification.

J. Christian Adams, a member of the president's voter integrity commission and an election lawyer, called the complaint "crazy" in a tweet, writing that it was a "humiliating day" for people who care about voter fraud and election integrity.

Secretary of State Merill launched an investigation into voter fraud in the Alabama Senate special election after seeing a viral video of a Democratic Doug Jones supporter saying that people from all over the country came to vote for Jones.

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Merrill said state officials spent all morning Thursday going over voter fraud allegations in the election. Republican Senators will, no doubt, feel a sense of relief that they will not have to go into the 2018 midterm elections answering questions about the firebrand Alabama judge. "The election is over, it's time to move on".

After the U.S. Supreme Court made same-sex marriage legal, Moore tried to block Alabama judges from issuing same-sex marriage licenses in the state right before they were set to begin issuing them.

Moore filed a lawsuit Wednesday evening in Montgomery Circuit Court.

Papers launching the case were filed about 14 hours before Thursday's meeting of a state canvassing board to officially declare Mr Jones the victor of the December 12 special election.

Mr Merrill told the Associated Press on Wednesday that he had no intention of delaying the canvassing board meeting and certification of the victor.

But Mr Moore's campaign has alleged the vote may have been rigged.

"Whether or not he has a political future, we'll find out very soon as well as the canvassing board, including Governor Kay Ivey and the Attorney General as well", Porter said.