Users can install Steam games not in the list, but such titles can't use the service's express installation feature and must be installed before each session, a process that Nvidia says can take up to 30 minutes.

Download the GeForce NOW app and log in with your NVIDIA account.

Nvidia's Pascal-based GeForce GTX graphics cards are awesome, but the price tag of a complete gaming PC and the associated maintenance headaches can be formidable barriers of entry into high-end PC gaming.

Nvidia GeForce driver 390.65 WHQL is the first driver version that supports Nvidia Freestyle.

Adds support for NVIDIA Freestyle which lets you apply post-processing filters to your games while you play.

Nvidia Freestyle is part of GeForce Experience.

It's a little different to the GeForce Now service offered to Shield TV owners- unlike the service that provides access to a growing library of games, GeForce Now for PC and Mac doesn't include access any free games.

You need to enable "Enable Experimental Features" in the GeForce Experience client after driver installation to enable the feature.

Games are better than ever in 2018, featuring glorious open worlds, life-like AI and gameplay that'll keep you going for hundreds of hours, but what if you don't have a PC capable of running them? This makes it possible for GeForce NOW to stream games with settings and frame rates that exceed what is possible on most PC laptops, underpowered desktop PCs or even to content-deprived Macs.

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Moreover, this new driver adds a pop-up balloon to alert the user if an eGPU has been connected or disconnected. An eGPU is an external graphics processing unit.

Historically, these gamers were forced to run the games on sub-optimal settings or get left behind all together, but not anymore.

The public beta is now available in North America and Europe, and you can see the full list of compatible games - which includes PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, Fortnite, Hearthstone, Call of Duty: WWII, Battlefront II and over a hundred others - right here on Nvidia's website.

[GeForce GTX 970][Batman Arkham Knight]: Surfaces are rendered incorrectly.

[Notebook][Fermi GPUs][3D Vision]: Error message pointing to the Stereo driver appears when enabling stereoscopic 3D.

An issue in Dirt4 that causes corruption and flickering in the game when SLI is enabled.

[NVIDIA TITAN V][G-Sync]: G-Sync displays may go blank when switching between different overclocked memory clocks multiple times.

[Kepler GPUs][StarWars Battlefront II]: The system hangs when launching the game in DirectX 12 API mode. The full release notes can be found in this PDF.