Google Denies Report It's Relaunching Maps In China


Google closed down its Chinese search engine over the government censorship requirements, most of its popular services have not been available in China since 2010.

Chinese internet users can now easily use Google Maps after eight years of the service being tightly restricted.

Basically, what Google has done is create a China-specific version of Google Maps for Chinese iPhones. The two apps look different in terms of design but seem to be drawing on the same data, so people are assuming Google and Alibaba have gone into a partnership, at least in this aspect.

Google Maps service is now available in China.

Google's made inroads in China in other ways, though.

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Under President Xi Jinping, to crackdown dissent on online, Chinese government's cyber security law took effect in June 2017. However, it is a step in the right direction, and we can hopefully see a fully functional version of Google Maps in China within the next year or so.

For example, due to its extended absence, Google hasn't been collecting consistent mapping information, and as such, numerous streets don't match the satellite information, or are missing altogether. That's something Google has been working toward for years. More recently, Google announced its plans to set up an AI research center in Beijing.

This comes shortly after the news that the US-based tech giant joined an investment in Chushou, a Chinese live-stream mobile game platform, which suggests the company is making new inroads in the Chinese market. About 90 million users have signed up for it so far. And a year ago, Google hosted a match of board game Go between Alpha Go, its AI project, and Chinese Go champion Ke Jie.

But others remain resistant.

Meanwhile, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is thought to have explored the prospect of expanding to China where facebook is now blocked.