White House doctor has 'no concerns' over President Trump's mental health


Jackson, who has served as the White House's top doctor in multiple administrations, said that if Trump "had some type of mental, cognitive issues. he would not have gotten 30out of 30 on the test".

The president passed the cognitive test with flying colors, scoring a 30 out of 30.

Trump weighs 239 pounds, Jackson said, three pounds more than he weighed in 2016.

Trump takes Crestor for his cholesterol, a low-dose aspirin for heart attack prevention, Propecia to treat male-pattern baldness and antibiotics for rosacea.

Nearly immediately, NBC's Hallie Jackson asked about the president's "mental fitness" and the White House physician answered "I've spent nearly every day in the president's presence ..."

Dr Jackson said the test, known as the Montreal Cognitive Assessment, was done at Mr Trump's behest because he wanted to put an end to speculation about his mental health, which his critics repeatedly question. Jackson said he'd be arranging to have a dietitian consult with the White House chef to cut calories and would be recommending a low-impact, aerobic exercise program for Trump, with the aim of shedding 10 to 15 pounds this year.

Questions about Mr Trump's fitness for office flared last week after a new book - Fire and Fury by Michael Wolff - said that nearly all of his top staff and advisers believe he is mentally unwell.

Trump "was watching and liked it", an official said after the briefing.

Trump responded by claiming to be a "very stable genius".

"I feel very confident" Trump will remain healthy throughout his presidency.

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Jackson also said he administered the Montreal Cognitive Assessment (MoCA) and Trump received a score of 30 out of 30.

Trump's physician performed the yearly physical Friday at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Maryland. A doctor asks the patient to say as many words that begin with a single letter given by the doctor.

"It is called genetics". White House press secretary Sarah Sanders said at the time that the president was simply thirsty, calling questions about his health "ridiculous".

A December incident in which the president sounded as though he was slurring his speech while announcing a policy shift in Israel was probably due to a medication, Jackson said.

Ahead of the exam, the White House had said tests for mental acuity would not be included.

"Overall, he has very, very good health", Jackson said.

This moment reached its zenith when Trump's personal physician Harold Bornstein released a short statement that said, in part, "if elected, Mr. Trump, I can state unequivocally, will be the healthiest individual ever elected to the presidency".

Jackson said he has "no indication whatsoever that he has any cognitive issues".

However, according to Jackson, Trump's changed his habits since becoming President, cutting down on his Maccies orders.