Pope Francis joins flight attendants in mile high matrimony


But the devastating quake in Chile that year destroyed the church they were set to get married in, so they opted for a civil ceremony instead.

CNN correspondent Rosa Flores, who tweeted the photo of the couple, wrote later that this occasion was the first time that the pope had married a couple on a papal plane.

Flight attendants Carlos Ciuffardi and Paola Podest after Pope Francis married them.

Instead they had a civil ceremony and have since had two children.

The Pope had the cardinals draft a marriage certificate for them to sign, one of whom also signed as a witness.

The pope asked them repeatedly if they were sure, but they didn't waiver.

The couple said they were unable to conduct a ceremony in their church in the Chilean capital, Santiago, after it was damaged in an quake in 2010.

The historic impromptu in-flight ceremony was the first ever conducted by a Pope.

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Like the Holy Family, who escaped to the Egyptian desert to survive, migrants have also crossed the sand dunes of Iquique, setting out with the hope of a better life but "always with their bags packed, with fear and uncertainty about the future", the pope said.

Speaking of the rings, Francis said that they should not be too tight, because "they would be a torture" nor too loose, or they might be lost.

That document indicates that the pope was the celebrant.

During his homily, he urged the Chilean government to continue welcoming migrants and caring for the least fortunate among them, saying, "There is no Christian joy when doors are closed".

The long-running conflict in the Araucania region occasionally erupts in violence, as it did just hours before the pope celebrated Mass when a school and an adjourning church in the nearby city of Collipulli were partially burned.

"The pope could speak, could mediate in Araucania region about the situation of the Mapuche who are being incarcerated", Linconao told The Associated Press.

The distrust extends to Pope Francis in Chile, a country that gives him the lowest approval rating among the 18 Latin American countries in the survey.