Panic in Hawaii over 'inbound ballistic missile threat'


When the next North Korean ballistic missile flies over Japan or when North Korea potentially carries out a test into the Pacific Ocean, will residents of Japan and Hawaii take alerts seriously?

During that time, residents of Hawaii -including holidaymakers from Vancouver Island - had to be contemplating that they might be facing instant annihilation.

Gabbard said the false alarm "underlined the increasing risk of nuclear war, even unintentionally, that could be triggered by such an alarm, as we saw occur many times in the past between the USA and Soviet Union". It looks like this got in the way of a lot of people's personal time, as PornHub experienced up to a 77% drop in traffic compared to its regular numbers.

"But based purely on the traffic numbers, it's NOT to be watching porn".

The mistake also comes less than two weeks after a fake natural disaster alarm in Tokyo, where millions of residents received an alert warning them that a strong quake was about to hit the Japanese capital.

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"Those seeking further relief headed back to Pornhub".

"Trump didn't comment until the next day", he said.

"With 24.7 billion searches performed on the site this year, there was clearly a lot to find, as this translates to about 50 000 searches per minute and 800 searches per second". Rapoza said the worker has since been reassigned.

A total of 3 732 petabytes of data was streamed in 2017.

Pornhub has been trying to prove itself in the data-visualization department. The alert was not rescinded until 8:45am despite the director of the Hawaii EMA, Major General Arthur Logan, learning there was no missile threat in a call with US Pacific Command at 8:10am. Lastly, Hawaii EMA used systems of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to send an alert to all media announcing that the previous message was sent in error.