Police trying to find weapons discover a crocodile


The crocodile was resting in a small pool of water that was dug into the concrete of the basement.

Police officers in Russian Federation made an unusual discovery in the basement of a home.

In a scene more reminiscent of James Bond - or Doctor Evil in the Austen Powers movies - officers discovered the reptile in the bottom of an apartment building in St Petersburg, Russia.

Officers were searching a property owned by a man suspected of possessing and trafficking in illegal arms in Petergof, a suburb of St. Petersburg known for its tsarist palace.

After finding ammunition in the house, officers entered the dark basement where the two-metre-long beast emerged from a muddy pool.

Police in St Petersburg found the crocodile in a basement. Russian media say the house is used by a nationalist group.

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Police and the city's veterinary service are now searching for a home for the crocodile after the Leningrad Zoo said there was no room for the reptile.

The 40-year-old homeowner explained he bought the crocodile years ago, while neighbors told police he has at least four other reptiles.

"During the search, no incidents related to the reptile occurred".

The Nile crocodile is Africa's largest freshwater predator and considered the second largest living reptile in the world.

They are known to be very aggressive and are not fussy about their prey, killing hundreds of humans every year.