Trump rejects bipartisan immigration proposal


An NBC reporter on Wednesday suggested that President Donald Trump is somehow responsible for a school shooting in Kentucky the previous day. He said the time frame would be over 10 to 12 years.

Trump met privately with six Senate immigration hard-liners on Monday at the White House.

Trump told allies over the weekend that he hated being on the sidelines, but he followed the recommendations of his staff and key congressional Republicans and removed himself from the negotiations.

Illustrating the sharp divide on immigration, Trump took aim at Chuck Schumer overnight after the Senate minority leader withdrew an offer to fund a controversial wall on the Mexican border. Tell 'em not to worry. "We're going to solve the problem".

On Tuesday, Sanders set out four different pillars of what the President wants in any deal, which included "serious" border security, an end to the diversity visa lottery program, an end to chain migration, and then a permanent solution for the DACA program. Trump announced he was ending DACA past year, but he has given Congress until March to come up with a legislative fix.

The White House spokeswoman also addressed an ad that Trump's re-election campaign put out over the weekend to hammer out a deal.

With the US now on day three of a federal shutdown, White House press secretary Sarah Sanders disputed any notion that President Donald Trump is not being clear about what he wants in any deal to reopen the government.

South Carolina's Sen. Lindsey Graham, a key Republican negotiator, called the White House's plan to release a framework "excellent", noting the importance of getting the White House's "input". Asked if the Senate should try to coordinate with the White House, Donnelly said: "I think we're going to try to do our work and take care of our business".

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The Senate is slated to vote today at noon to proceed on a proposal that will fund the government through February 8. John Cornyn, R-Texas, and Dick Durbin, D-Ill., their parties' No. 2 leaders.

"We've tried to crack down on crime throughout the country", Sanders said. "If the president has some ideas he'd like to share, of course we'll take a look at them".

The White House hit back, dismissing Graham's comments and calling him an "outlier". He has said he prefers a "merit-based" system that pays no notice to anyone's country of origin. "We must have safety and security, together with a strong Military, for our great people!"

During the meeting with reporters, Trump also explained what he's looking for on his long-promised border wall, saying that "if you don't have a wall, you don't have DACA". An aide said Schumer had actually withdrawn the offer Sunday night after it became clear that there would be no quick compromise on protecting the Dreamers.

Republican Senator Susan Collins said the discussions could lead to several proposals, not just one piece of legislation.

Republican Senator Jeff Flake said he hoped the group would determine the process for the next two weeks.

" ... I think he has, Peter".