Trump to visit United Kingdom soon: UK Govt.


The event is attended by numerous global business, finance and political leaders that Trump criticised throughout his election campaign for exploiting America, so the president's address could be met with a frosty reception.

Mr Trump is expected to claim that his business-friendly tax reforms and determination to tear up regulation have brought prosperity and a booming stock market.

"We are going to WEF in tell the world that America is open for business", said Gary Cohn, Trump's economic adviser, during a press conference regarding the president's schedule on Tuesday. He spoke of how his government's recent tax cuts plan was helping the U.S. economy by "giving workers higher pay" and promoting investment. Trump blamed the cancellation on his predecessor, President Barack Obama, writing online that the Obama administration had made a "bad deal" in relocating the USA embassy in London even though that decision had been made by former President George W. Bush.

The trip by Trump will also be used to affect some diplomacy objectives as he will meet with the Prime Ministers of both Britain and Israel on Thursday.

Mrs May nodded in agreement as the President dismissed as a "false rumour" suggestions of a rift between them and told her: "We love your country". "We are on the same wavelength in every respect".

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During his presidential campaign, Trump promised to never sign massive trade agreements like the TPP, which he said would "destroy" US manufacturing.

"Trade is going to increase many times", he said.

But he warned: "We can not have free and open trade if some countries exploit the system at the expense of others".

Trump recently announced that he would be canceling a planned state visit to the United Kingdom partially focused on opening up the new USA embassy in the country, stating that he was unhappy with the price for which the Obama administration sold the original embassy. We've had, as you say, we've had a great discussion today.

"[We stand] shoulder to shoulder because we are facing the same challenges across the world". Earlier this month, Trump said on Twitter that he "canceled" a visit to London to formally open the new USA embassy because the old site had been sold for "peanuts" and he didn't like the choice of the new location.