Cyber War With China Using 5G? Trump Officials Disagree About The Reports


Axios, citing sensitive documents it obtained, said there are two options up for consideration: First, the US government could pay for and build a single, super-fast mobile network and could then rent access to national carriers.

The first option says the USA government can fund and build the single network on its own, without the consultation of private companies.

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Shares of the biggest USA wireless carriers fell at the start of trade on Monday, with Verizon Communications Inc and AT&T Inc down 1.4 percent.

The concept of a 5G network has a goal of addressing what security officials see as a treat by China to the cyber security as well as economic security of the U.S.

"The main lesson to draw from the wireless sector's development over the past three decades-including American leadership in 4G-is that the market, not government, is best positioned to drive innovation and investment", he said.

The quickest way for 5G technology to be adopted in the US would be for the government to build the network itself, the memo argues.

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America's next-generation 5G network could be owned and operated by the United States government, according to leaked plans.

Another option includes having a 5G network built by a consortium of wireless carriers, the United States official said. There is a worldwide race to lead in 5G and other nations are poised to win. A White House official, however, said the memo reported by Axios is "dated" and "not representative of the administration's thinking".

The documents reviewed by Axios suggested that the USA must have a centralized 5G network spanning the country within the next three years.

2 USA government to recruit help of wireless providers to build their own 5G networks, which would compete with one another. It seems that the Trump administration can't get its story straight, as some officials say the memo and slides are outdated, while another confirmed that they are looking at nationalizing some of the 5G network.

Either way, the scheme would disrupt existing business models to ensure the country ends up with a single 5G network under government control.

Carriers have already spent billions of dollars acquiring spectrum and beginning to develop and test 5G networks, which are expected to be at least 100 times faster than current 4G networks and cut latency to less than one thousandth of a second from one one hundredth of a second in 4G, the FCC said. To illustrate the current state of USA wireless networks, the PowerPoint uses a picture of a medieval walled city, compared to a future represented by a photo of lower Manhattan.

The protests followed a report, first obtained and reported on by news site Axios, that the Trump Administration is considering such a nationwide initiative, in part to prevent infiltration by China.