Donald Trump Allegedly Tried To Discredit Potential FBI Witnesses


Those attacks have also led Trump and some in the GOP to attack the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Department of Justice. Yet something about the Mueller investigation so frightened him that he was willing to provoke a far greater firestorm by firing Mueller as well, and on clearly spurious grounds.

Which leads to his memo. If the House intelligence panel does vote to release the memo - a vote that could come as soon as Monday evening - then Trump will have five days to decide whether he wants the information released.

Some lawmakers have described the memo as evidence of FBI abuse of the country's government surveillance programs, while others have raised concerns that it reveals possible signs of political bias in the federal investigation that kicked the Russian Federation investigation into gear. "And to say that those young people should be shipped back to a country that they have no memory of, that they don't know, is really a pretty hard position to take", she added.

The committee may also consider a Democratic memo by Rep. Adam Schiff, the top Democrat on the committee, who said he would be offering his own memo Monday evening to counter the Nunes one.

Republicans' irresponsibility and willingness to participate in Trump's schemes to bring down the investigation stun those who refuse to buy into crackpot conspiracies about a "deep state" and an FBI "secret society".

Schumer singled out a classified memo that the House intelligence committee has produced and may move to make public.

Collins said only Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein is empowered to fire Mueller and if Trump fired Rosenstein that would be "a awful mistake" citing President Richard Nixon and his efforts to stop the Watergate investigation.

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McCarthy said he had confidence in Mueller, but said there are "questions about others within the FBI" and the Justice Department, echoing allegations by other Trump allies. McGahn has been described as the conduit for requests by Trump that Attorney General Jeff Sessions not recuse himself from the Russian Federation matter - although he ultimately did - and that FBI Director Christopher Wray get rid of Deputy Director Andrew McCabe.

"Here it is, seven months later, the White House counsel is still there, and Mr. Mueller is proceeding with a very aggressive and thorough investigation", she said. However, according to the source, McGahn did not threaten to resign directly to the President.

This was the second time during the Meet the Press interview that the West Virginia senator had referenced the president's NY roots, after previously describing the clashes on immigration between the president and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) as "New Yorkers talking to each other".

There are a couple of leaps here: 1) When Trump fired James Comey, he wasn't under investigation by Comey.

"Robert Mueller is still the special counsel; Don McGahn is still head of White House counsel; the White House continues to cooperate in every manner, providing every document the special counsel has asked for", Short said.

He has already given not one not two but separate reasons for firing Comey.