Monster Hunter World Ships 5 Million Copies In The First 3 Days


Monster Hunter World is available now for PS4 and Xbox One, with a PC release slated for Fall of 2018.

We'd like to see this option added, simply for the chance to play with one of the most praised features of the game more.

This brings lifetime sales for the series to 45 million.

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The Monster Hunter games have always been massive experiences that take a long while to sift through, but World may be the biggest yet.

News that such a large number of Monster Hunter World units had already shipped was announced by Capcom in a recent press release that detailed the milestone and other facts about the latest Monster Hunter game. By doing the quest and getting the reward, you will gain access to the Ryu armor set. Once the items have been downloaded, launch Monster Hunter World and talk to your Housekeeper. Starting in a few weeks, PlayStation 4 players who have Street Fighter 5 or Arcade Edition save data on their console will get first crack at the "Down the Dark, Muddy Path" Event Quest. The Sakura armor set will also come at a later date. That said, PS4 gamers have experienced their own fair share of problems since last week, so it's not quite exclusive to Xbox One players. Lastly, the SFV tickets will only grant players the Ryu armor set.

Now, the important thing to remember that both Ryu and Sakura are armor sets that can't be mixed with other armor pieces. However, these full armor sets can be equipped by both male and female hunters, even changing their voices to match either Ryu's or Sakura's.