Eagles superfan Bradley Cooper narrated the most intense Super Bowl hype video


A die-hard Philadelphia Eagles fan almost had a meltdown when she thought she had missed the Super Bowl after waking up groggy from having her wisdom teeth removed.

'St. Nick. I trust in St. Nick, ' she says.

The video caught the Eagles' attention as it circulated social media.

'No, no, no, ' her mom says.

No, the Minnesota Vikings are not in the Super Bowl Sunday.

The Eagles contacted Haley's family via Facebook on Friday evening, said her father, Bob Parks. "Now the issue is we've got to find a flight, come up with cash, come up with a hotel".

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Her own devotion to the team was clear in a video made by her mother after Haley's wisdom teeth were removed. The die-hard fan then asked if she could attend the game, but Henry-Parks claimed that they can't afford to accommodate the trip. She loves them, because they're like her sisters. Then she wants to tell the players she's rooting for them but realizes she doesn't have their phone numbers.

Rutgers University student Haley Parks is seen January 30, 2018, in a now-viral video that showed her freak out over missing the Philadelphia Eagles play in the Super Bowl after completing a wisom teeth removal procedure.

With the Eagles in the Super Bowl, you can expect the 20,000-strong at the Wells Fargo Center - including guest of honor Ric Flair - to be even crazier than usual. Therefore, a GoFundMe page was set up by Parks' friend - Katie Pidge Mowry - to help get her to the game.

H. PARKS: Are you sure?

The student also says she's eager for a victory parade in Philadelphia and that she has confidence in the Eagles.