Putin and Trump discussed North Korea by phone on Monday


Discussing the Jerusalem issue and Trump's Middle East peace plan, Greenblatt explicitly said that the borders of Jerusalem will have to be negotiated by the two sides and that Israel will have to pay a price in the upcoming negotiations.

Meanwhile in an interview Trump also cast doubt on the Palestinians' desire to strike a deal.

The move outraged Palestinians and others across the Muslim world. A Monday PA press release suggested there has been a behind-the-scenes effort to bring the USA back into the center of the Israel-PA peace talks, of which Netanyahu may not have been aware.

The PA has argued that the Trump administration was no longer qualified to play the role of honest broker in any peace process due to its "bias" in favor of Israel. In the interview, Trump criticized Israel's West Bank settlements, which the Palestinians and most of the global community view as illegal obstacles to peace.

Mr Trump's approach towards Israel has appeared to be more lenient than with the Palestinians, with whom he has tangled publicly since his recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital previous year.

US foreign aid in the Middle East and in Afghanistan is different from war spending, although Trump has often appeared to conflate them.

"Palestinian interests have always got our support and remained at the top in our foreign policy", Modi said during a joint press conference with Abbas, after arriving in Ramallah from Jordan, flying on Jordanian helicopter, guarded by Israeli helicopters.

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Trump triggered global anger even from some allies when he defied advice against recognising Jerusalem as Israel's capital by moving the American embassy there, a move analysts said had undone decades of efforts to foster peace in the region. Settlements are considered illegal under worldwide law.

'Russia is not helping us at all with North Korea, ' Trump said then.

The Trump administration has announced a major cut in aid to the Palestinians this year, notifying the U.N. Relief and Works Agency for Palestinian Refugees last month that it would withhold $65 million of a planned $125 million installment.

"I wanted to make it clear that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel", he told the newspaper. According to this line, Israel would have to withdraw from the West Bank and East Jerusalem and either pull out the Jewish settlements or do a land-swap with the Palestinians as part of a final agreement.

Trump said Israeli communities (settlements) in biblical Judea and Samaria complicate matters.

Even though the United Nations has declared the Israeli settlements, now being built on Israeli-occupied Palestinian land, illegal, the expansion has continued under Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's watch.

Ishtayeh added that the Palestinians will continue their efforts to achieve this and "to ensure that we are concerned with a serious and genuine political path based on worldwide legitimacy and global law".