Project Fi expands global coverage to 170 markets


Google has announced that its Project Fi mobile network service is now available in 170 markets. Countries like Cameroon, Botswana, Guam, Georgia, Armenia, Palestine, and Belize have been added, with the full list viewable down below. In each of the cases, free roaming is covered while you're visiting. This data is pulled from your Gmail account if you receive any emails regarding an upcoming global flight, and while you can turn this off in your account settings, it's a nice reminder so that you don't receive any unwanted surprises once you land in a foreign country.

Google wants you to have one less thing to worry about on your next trip. The list is indeed long, and can be seen in full over on Project Fi's global coverage page. If your Gmail account includes messages (maybe from your airline) about an upcoming global trip, it'll now automatically notify you if your Fi account will work at your destination.

Shock at sudden death of environmentalist in Iranian prison
Now that Iranian-Canadian Kavous Seyed Emami has died suspiciously in custody, the family has the right to order an autopsy. The vice-president at the time, Mohammad Ali Abtahi, stated she died from "a brain hemorrhage caused by a beating".

The new feature is actually activated by default in Project Fi, but you can disable it from within your account settings. That's good news because personally, the feature sounds a bit intrusive. The notifications can be disabled if you'd rather not receive them.