Patrick Brown kicks off bid to reclaim PC leadership


Brown joined the leadership contest on Friday, after he was kicked out of the party caucus.

He had previously launched an online campaign to discredit the allegations that led to his resignation Speaking to reporters outside PC headquarters, Brown said that he believed his name was cleared.

On Sunday, Brown appealed to his grassroots supporters in reiterating the People's Guarantee. "To be shunned as an outcast from a party I love over fabricated new reports, it hit my like a ton of bricks", he said.

The Barrie-based MPP, who will have to sit as an independent when the legislature resumes Tuesday, is now one of five candidates vying for the party's top post.

Brown has alleged that the two women who accused him of sexual misconduct were lying and may have been manipulated by his political enemies.

"I'm disappointed in whoever was involved in this setup", Brown said.

"It's time for something completely different", she said, touting her New Democrats as an alternative to the Tories and Liberals, who have been in power for nearly 15 years.

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The NDP isn't currently investigating the specific harassment allegations against former NDP MP Peter Stoffer, but it says it's looking into how such complaints were, are now and will be handled, something strategist Robin Sears...

Brown, meanwhile, characterized the criticism he has faced as "petty internal nonsense" and said it has been a distraction from the issues important to the province. "We can't fight amongst ourselves", he said on Sunday.

Speaking at the campaign event, Brown thanked his friends, family, and supporters for their words of encouragement after the allegations were levelled against him.

The Simcoe North CFO "has done it for two years and just wants to move on", Macpherson said. "He has so many policies that relate to people my age".

"As soon as I (saw) it I rolled my eyes", she said, adding that she has signed a petition in support of Brown against his accusers. "I can no longer stand by and let any accusation go unchecked".

"You can not make policy on the fly this close to an election, it is a recipe for disaster", the Simcoe North MPP told a room full of supporters at the Hilton Garden Inn Toronto Airport in Mississauga on Sunday, Feb. 18. "I'm so glad he had the courage to come forward".