'The Bachelor' Episode 8 Recap: Arie Meets the Parents


He is not the one she posts about on her social networks all the time, though.

Then there was her family's subtle sense of humour.

The other insane thing about Kendall's date was the revelation that she has a twin sister named Kylie.

Kendall first showed the 36-year-old race vehicle driver her collection of vintage taxidermy before she took things to the next level, suggesting they stuff and mount some dead rats themselves. At this point in the season, often the contestants have been filtered into whatever production wants for them to be - it's the end product of spending so much time on-camera and having nothing to focus on other than Arie Luyendyk Jr. for the majority of the past several weeks. Becca and Arie are obviously smitten with each other already, so it doesn't look like he will have very much luck getting her back.

How romantic? Arie seems to think so because he still decides to meet her family and admits that he's falling for her. Tia starts off their date by letting Arie have some time in his element by taking him to a racetrack to race cars.

Her father grills Arie with the same intensity as Jason. However, Arie assures him that he's not that person anymore, that he's ready for marriage and that he's falling for Tia.

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Arie later joined Tia in Weiner, Arkansas, and she took him to a racetrack. It's covered! Find out more of Arie's habits in the video above. "I didn't know that I had that capacity to love more than one person at a time and I think that's something that some of the bachelors go through and it's hard".

"Arie returns to Los Angeles for his biggest rose ceremony yet, but he is more confused than ever", ABC's synopsis for the hometown dates episode teases. Who cares if she loves taxidermy? Dad Bob takes Arie aside to essentially tell him that he wouldn't give him permission to propose to his daughter, but by the end of the conversation, he changes his mind.

"It seems like a quick process, but it is very intense, and you are kind of tuned out from the world", she explained.

All this, Biehl says, makes Becca and Arie a pretty stellar match, making her a strong competitor for his heart. After meeting the girls' families, the Bachelor will eliminate one girl and head to Peru for the overnight dates. This week begins the last major stage of the show, the hometown visits, where Arie and each of his four finalists travel to the finalist's home town and meet their family. He even has to step away from the table for a minute as his nerves take over. Kylie immediately notes that there's some "space" between Kendall and the bachelor, and shares that she's afraid that Kendall is just going with the show but isn't ready to jump into a real relationship. "They say, 'Do this how you think you should do this, ' and you don't always know the best answer to questions and sometimes you do develop feelings you don't expect". Becca K. received the first one-on-one with Arie last week and thus received the first rose. Kendall would be bored tears if they got married.

Kendall, Becca, Tia, and Lauren B. will meet Arie in their hometowns, dates that Arie will find rather uncomfortable.

Here's all the information you need on how to watch The Bachelor online or live Monday to see who makes it to the next episode, because we really have no idea.