Taoiseach defends Good Friday Agreement from 'undermining' attempts


Eurosceptics including Conservative MEP Daniel Hannan, Labour MP Kate Hoey, and former Tory Cabinet minister Owen Paterson have attacked the accord in recent days - as it becomes increasingly clear that its terms make Brexit more hard.

"Talking down [the] Good Friday Agreement because it raises serious and genuine questions of those pursuing Brexit is not only irresponsible but reckless and potentially undermines the foundations of a fragile peace process in Northern Ireland that should never be taken for granted".

Critiquing the MEP on Twitter, she added: "The DUP opposed the GFA and walked out of talks, Sinn Féin were excluded from most of the negotiations due to ongoing IRA activity".

The Irish and British governments have reiterated they are fully committed to the Good Friday Agreement amid a deep political impasse in Stormont.

Labour MP Kate Hoey told The Huffington Post: "I think there is a need for a cold rational look at the Belfast agreement".

The UK Government has already had to concede that special arrangements will need to be made for a so-called "soft border" between Ireland and Northern Ireland and in turn Nicola Sturgeon has demanded the same for Scotland.

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Tánaiste and Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade, Simon Coveney is in the USA this week for three days of talks and meetings.

"Post-Brexit, these three Irish spirits GIs will be the only ones to carry such protections where production takes place both in the European Union and outside the European Union", commented Patricia Callan, director of the ABFI.

The "spirit" of the 1998 agreement-a buzzword used in particular by nationalists in recent years-embodied a notion of equal respect and recognition for all traditions, cultures and identities in Northern Ireland.

The Tánaiste will also visit the United Nations Headquarters in NY, where he will meet with representatives of a number of countries - this as part of Ireland's campaign for election to the UN Security Council in 2020.

Ever since Brexit has been on the agenda, there have been fears of a hard border between the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland and the potential risk that would pose to cross border trade and particularly on the day to day lives of those who cross it daily. But its flaws have become clearer over time. Indications that the United Kingdom government would be forced to impose a period of direct rule on the region heightened yesterday when the UK's Northern Ireland secretary Karen Bradley, warned that Westminster had "no choice" but to impose a budget on Northern Ireland.