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There, they laid flowers down at the memorial and prayed.

It's hard to imagine another US religious leader like Graham filling a stadium for days on end and moving so deftly through the corridors of power that he could minister to Democratic and Republican presidents alike.

"His entire life was in pursuit that he would decrease so that Christ would increase". What led Martin Luther King, esteem Billy Graham a friend and colleague in tackling the segregationist beliefs of the Old South? Once his days of touring the globe came to an end and he lived out the final decades of his life in his home near Asheville, North Carolina, the aging evangelist took his own advice.

Mark Wingfield is a columnist for The News Virginian and pastor at First Baptist Church in Grottoes. Many seniors in the Mahoning Valley likely recall attending one of his mega crusades in nearby Akron, Cleveland or Pittsburgh.

His message was always simply focused on the gospel of Jesus Christ to transform the human heart. What were your interactions like and what kinds of things would you talk about? We held one of our past conferences at the Billy Graham Center.

Every breath of his body was used to spread the wonderful message of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

"He was, of course, preaching throughout the 1960s and 1970s, when sexual mores were dramatically shifting in America, and popular culture was celebrating sexual freedom as they saw it", she said. "His ministry reflected his personal life and his personal life reflected his ministry". His life was driven by love for God and love for other people. And we don't need to be copycats. Graham described his experience of being born again (John 3:1-16): "Have you ever been outdoors on a dark day when the sun suddenly bursts through the clouds?" Were you ever intimidated?

The Billy Graham Rule may have its roots in 1950s America, but it continues to influence the social and business protocols of many modern American leaders, including Vice President Mike Pence, who has proclaimed himself an adherent to the rule.

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It was the most unusual dichotomy. In a way, I suppose it's because I've studied a great deal in the Scriptures concerning Heaven. In his heart, I really believe Mr. I remember being in awe as thousands around the stadium from the floor to the rafters made their way down to make a profession of faith in Jesus Christ. Graham didn't just say what he said, he lived what he said. "It also tells us that evil is real and that the human heart is capable of nearly limitless evil when it is cut off from God and from the moral law". Did he ask you for help or guidance?

Billy Graham has shared, "It's the Holy Spirit's job to convict". He wanted to know about my family, how I was doing. Maybe it was knowing how I'd disappoint Mom and Dad when I didn't. But not Mr. Graham. And God has honored him for this legacy.

At 99, how did his aging and his physical health affect your relationship? At the end of his evening service - according to his autobiography - 32 people came forward. It is why so many loved him, including those who do not share his faith. He was eating his lunch, and then we spent some quality time together. "And I think he'd be very proud that his neighbours turned out and quietly celebrated his reward and his passage into heaven".

His mind was sharp until the moment God called him on Wednesday morning.

What was your reaction when you first heard the news of Graham's passing? Graham. ... But you know what happened?

Monday is the first day the public will be able to come to the Billy Graham Library where the casket will lie in repose. I shall be more alive than I am now. Graham, I think Mr. In others, this might seem like false humility, but not with Graham.

"They all leaned on my uncle for advice because, number one, they trusted him, they put their confidence in him and they knew he had no political agenda and no political spin", said Mel Graham. That reunion must have been so sweet.