Jerry Jones Is Gonna Be Paying a $2 Million Penalty


While Jones claimed his attempt to derail Goodell's contract extension had nothing to do with Elliott's six-game suspension for his alleged involvement in a domestic violence incident, Jones repeatedly publicly criticized Goodell's decision to suspend the running back.

Citing "five league officials with direct knowledge of the situation", The New York Times' Ken Belson reported earlier that Goodell is preparing to fine Jones "millions of dollars" for Jones' efforts to sabotage Goodell's contract-renewal negotiations and for Jones' outspoken support and defense of Elliott.

"As with any organization of any type, whether it be business, social or otherwise, you have to evolve, and you have to make changes", Jones said at that December owners' meeting.

Elliott was never arrested or charged in the case.

Jones is required to pay all legal expenses that the compensation committee suffered while defending itself and the amount the National Football League paid to defend its decision to suspend Elliott.

The genesis of the issue dates back about a year.

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Goodell has his extension, in part because the owners were so jealous that Jones had basically become the face of the league. Jones also tried to influence one of the league's top investigators, according to ESPN. I wonder if Goodell is actually relishing the opportunity to go after Jones.

The feud between NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and Jerry Jones will hit the longtime Dallas Cowboys owner in the pocketbook.

Apparently, Jones is being forced to pay the $2 million because the league's owners are upset with the way Jones acted over the past eight months. By December Goodell had signed on to a contract extension reportedly worth some $200 million. Now, this resolution's been on the books for 20 years and has been used in the past.

"Do I look like I take it personally?" he asked.

Soon after Elliott exhausted his appeals, Jones hired Boies, who has over the years represented the NFL.

Jones was removed from the competition committee after hiring a lawyer and telling the six owners on the committee that he was prepared to take them to court to stop them from finalizing Goodell's deal. "If you think Bob Kraft came after you hard [for Deflategate], Bob Kraft is a p--y compared to what I'm going to do".