Video replays set to be used at World Cup after IFAB approval


Last week's comical scenes at Wembley during Tottenham's 6-1 FA cup replay win over Rochdale, which saw several controversial referrals to the VAR and led to multiple stoppages, was the latest in a string of contentious incidents across Europe.

Former Arsenal midfielder and football commentator Stewart Robson has told talkSPORT the Video Assistant Referee (VAR) system is not the problem - the "incompetent" referees that operate it are.

The unanimous decision was taken at a meeting at FIFA headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland, with the board saying the move heralded "a new era for football" in which VAR would help "increase integrity and fairness in the game".

A meeting of the Premier League clubs will take place in April with 14 votes required to adopt VAR in time for next season.

But the desire to avoid ferociously disputed calls - especially in high-profile moments - appears to have tipped Federation Internationale de Football Association to support using VAR at this summer's World Cup in Russia. "Of course, we need to speed up the reviews and the communication to the referees that are applying it but also for the general public". "So if we can help the referee, then we should do it".

And SunSport understands at least EIGHT clubs, including Crystal Palace and Stoke, are now minded to vote against its introduction in the Prem next season when the decision is taken on April 13.

The standard for overturning the referee's original decision is that there has been a "clear error", sometimes expanded to "clear and obvious error".

"This is far more complex than most people realise and we want to protect football", he said.

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UEFA has already ruled out using VAR in the Champions League next season, and the English Premier League is also waiting to see if the system can prove itself essential.

Ifab is made up of the Football Associations of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland as well as Fifa.

In others, players have scored goals, the entire stadium has celebrated and the score has flashed on live-scoring websites, only for the incident to be reviewed as the other team is about to re-start the game and the goal annulled.

"Regarding the flow of the game, the intervention takes around one minute". Fans booed as the half-time whistle was blown after five minutes were added on for video review delays.

The striker's arm was close to making contact with the ball and television replays were inconclusive, but referee Andre Marriner allowed the goal to stand without requesting the use of VAR, meaning Palace were eliminated.

"The first half was a little bit embarrassing for everyone".

"At the moment we're having a major panic in England about the system, because it's not the system that's at fault, it's the people who are using it".

At the 2014 World Cup, FIFA deployed goal-line technology.