Saudi crown prince arrives in Egypt on first foreign tour


Prince Mohammed is also scheduled to visit the United Kingdom and U.S. as part of his first official trip as crown prince.

Saudi Arabia has been embarking on a period of change as the king pushes through a number of reforms to lift the repressive rules still enforced by the highly conservative country.

"The Egyptian president reaffirmed that the security of the Gulf is an integral part of Egyptian national security", the spokesman added.

Lebanon's prime minister has met with Saudi Arabia's powerful crown prince during his first trip to the kingdom since relations strained following Saad Hariri's brief resignation late a year ago.

On Friday, Hariri and the Crown Prince appeared in a selfie posted on the former's personal Twitter account, apparently signalling relations have been normalized following last year's weird sequence of events around Hariri's resignation.

The countries signed agreements to "activate" a 60 billion Saudi riyal ($16 billion) investment fund they agreed to set up in 2016, and another deal on environmental protection, at a short televised ceremony attended by the two leaders.

Salman has encouraged strong economic cooperation with Egypt and Sisi's ambitious projects.

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According to Arab News, the crown prince and Egypt's president will discuss inter-Arab cooperation as well the latest developments in the region.

Egypt is a member of a Saudi-led coalition fighting Iranian-backed Shiite rebels in Yemen.

Authorities in Riyadh have taken an active interest in Egyptian politics following the overthrow of president Mohamed Morsi in 2013.

Last year, el-Sissi ratified the handover of two strategic Red Sea islands to Saudi Arabia, triggering rare protests in Egypt.

The visit comes weeks prior to Egypt's presidential election in which Sisi is seeking a second term.

Riyadh also plans to construct a bridge spanning the Red Sea that will connect Saudi Arabia to Egypt as part of a $1.7 billion investment deal.