West Virginia teachers say they'll stay on strike


The statement called for teachers to return to the Capitol on Monday and said "all public schools in West Virginia will be closed again on Monday and remain closed until the Senate honors the agreement that was made".

The state Senate's Republican majority refused Thursday to take up legislation to give them a 5 percent pay raise after four years without one.

Schools in all of the state's 55 counties have been closed since February 22 as teachers and others have rallied for higher pay and a long-term fix for the Public Employees Insurance Agency (PEIA).

The Senate bill will have to be reconciled with that passed by the House, which approved the 5 percent raise.

The amended House Bill 4145 will now go to the floor of the Senate.

Union leaders said the teacher strike is back on for Monday.

Gov. Jim Justice released a statement following the Senate's vote saying, "While everyone is focused on the mistakes, my focus is exclusively on getting our children back to school".

Visitors in the gallery booed when senators cast their votes: 19-15 to change the bill's language to a 4 percent raise and 21-13 with passage. "I strongly feel we are blessed to have both".

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Del. Saira Blair, his daughter, had been the sole "no" vote in the House. Delegates Scott Brewer (D) and Josh Higginbotham (R) of the 13th District and Jim Butler (R) of the 14th District, all voted for the House Bill which included the 5 percent pay increase.

The average annual salary of teachers who work in West Virginia is around $33,000, which is among the lowest in the nation. They also said even if the percentage were lowered, it wouldn't guarantee that public employees would get a 4 percent increase under the budget.

"We're all caught up in our egos", said Democratic Sen. He'd heard rumblings that opponents of the settlement were delaying to create a divide and turn parents against teachers. "But in West Virginia we've been able to do this without tax increases".

Staggers said teachers want to know the task force's makeup and expectations "because our insurance is what sent us out of the classroom".

Senate Minority Leader Roman Prezioso, D-Marion, said school superintendents coming to Charleston on Friday told lawmakers they have grown tired of having to make a call on whether to have school each day. In the Senate plan, the revenue surplus the governor identified would be dedicated to insurance costs and would benefit all public employees and retirees, he said. Teachers have promised to pay close attention to each lawmaker's actions and vote accordingly.

All 100 seats in the House are up for election this year, along with half the 34 seats in the Senate.

Those include 10 Senate seats held by Republicans seeking re-election, five held by Democrats and two where incumbent Republicans aren't running.