Delta Airlines Loses MASSIVE TAX BREAKS Over 13 NRA Discounted Tickets


Bastian released the memo a day after the Georgia state legislature passed a tax bill in which a fuel tax exemption for Delta-which reportedly would have saved the carrier approximately $40 million per year-had been excised from the legislation by pro-NRA Georgia lawmakers as a protest against the state's largest private employer.

"Unfortunately, we're looking at political gamesmanship, and trying to send ultraconservative messages for the Republican primary", said Senator Steve Henson, the minority leader, according to The New York Times. "One thing about the business community is that it has a very long memory".

Georgia lawmakers are rescinding a potential tax break offered to Delta airlines as a retaliation for their recent change in stance on the NRA.

"While Delta's intent was to remain neutral, some elected officials in Georgia tied our decision to a pending jet fuel tax exemption, threatening to eliminate it unless we reversed course", Bastian said.

But he said the company's decision was not made for economic gain and that "our values are not for sale". He also said Delta supports the 2nd Amendment but is committed to ending group discounts for "politically divisive" groups. Nikema Williams of Atlanta, who applauded companies that have taken swift action on guns after the Florida tragedy.

"I think it's fair to say that this situation would not be helpful to the state of Georgia in potentially securing the Amazon site", said Jerry Funaro, Chicago-based vice president for global marketing at TRC Global Mobility, a relocation management company.

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Kroger (KR) also said it would raise the gun-purchase age limit to 21 at its Fred Meyer locations and would stop selling assault-style rifles in Alaska, the only state where it was selling them. "Corporations can not attack conservatives and expect us not to fight back", he posted on social media. He defended the move Friday.

Cagle took a softer tone in celebrating victory Thursday.

Bastian said he has great respect and admiration for Deal, who had worked to include the tax provision before it was removed.

Republicans have controlled the governor's mansion in Georgia since 2003, a deep red streak that makes this year's GOP gubernatorial nominee a likely favorite in November.

Delta did not respond to a request for comment Friday afternoon about the tax bill, but Bastian thanked Deal in his March 2 memo for his work on the tax exemption.

"I will sign it into law, because it is what is right for our citizens", Deal said of the bill, before stating his concerns over the way its composition and passage were handled. He vowed to keep pursuing the jet fuel exemption as a separate issue. Delta announced that it would end the NRA's contract for "discounted rates through our group travel program".