Saudi Arabia nears Typhoon jet deal with BAE


A memorandum of intent on the deal was signed after Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman met Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson.

The jets, made by British company BAE Systems, are part of a multibillion-pound deal which has been under discussion for many years. Its aerospace division was forced to lay off 1,400 people last autumn due to lack...

According to the publication, Prince Mohammed's words testify to Riyadh's deep suspicions over President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, whose "Justice and Development Party" is rooted in the Muslim Brotherhood Islamist movement, making it a true ally of Qatar in the dispute with Saudi Arabia and the other Gulf countries.

Downing Street said a target of £65bn worth of trade and investment had been agreed during the Prince's United Kingdom visit.

That has provided a controversial backdrop to the warm diplomatic welcome for Prince Mohammed, with hundreds turning out on Wednesday to protest the arms deals and Saudi Arabia's role in the Yemen war.

She got that awkward conversation out the way before talks continued about the sale of 48 Typhoon fighter jets, which are really helpful for anyone involved in an ongoing war with a neighbor, like Yemen.

Delta Airlines Loses MASSIVE TAX BREAKS Over 13 NRA Discounted Tickets
Bastian said he has great respect and admiration for Deal , who had worked to include the tax provision before it was removed. He also said Delta supports the 2nd Amendment but is committed to ending group discounts for "politically divisive" groups.

Mrs May defended the UK's ties with Saudi Arabia earlier this week, saying all arms sales are strictly regulated.

Despite an unusual advertising blitz that saw adverts promoting Prince Mohammed and Saudi Arabia appear in national newspapers and on taxis and electronic billboards across London, the visit was knocked from the British front pages by the poisoning of a Russian double agent.

The Saudi crown prince held court to the chief executives of major British banks, Chancellor of the Exchequer Phillip Hammond, and a select group of lawmakers.

In October past year it was announced that Saudi Arabia would allow women into sports stadiums from 2018 in the conservative kingdom's latest step towards easing gender segregation rules.

An image of the heir-apparent striding up Downing Street towards May's office was lauded by Saudis on social media as emblematic of his youth, confidence, determination and enthusiasm.