EU, Japan start push for exemptions from Trump tariffs


The United States opened the way for more exemptions from its steel and aluminum tariffs on Friday, after pressure from allies and intense lobbying from lawmakers, further diluting the measures just a day after they were formally announced.

Failing to include the national security adviser in talks on tariffs would seem highly unusual, given Trump's argument that weakened United States steel and aluminium industries would threaten national security.

"Great discussion today on security and trade". There are many other industries and workers in town, from truck drivers to restaurant and gas station owners to real estate agents, who will also benefit from Trump's announcement, Amos said.

US President Donald Trump shows his signature on Section 232 Proclamations on Steel and Aluminum Imports.

The spokesman sharply criticised the imposition of punitive tariffs by the U.S. and said European producers would suffer "significantly from the loss of one of their most important export markets".

"Given the circumstances, during the visit of US Ambassador Lighthizer to Brussels this Saturday, the EU will convey the message that we expect the EU to be fully excluded from the US measures without preconditions or negotiations", a European Commission source said ahead of the talks on condition of anonymity.

However, he said "real friends" of the U.S. could win waivers from the measures, which come into force after 15 days.

Other countries that present an alternative way to address the U.S. national-security threat of their exports may be exempt as well.

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The US steel industry is under threat because it is incapable of competing with Chinese or even European steel producers, Sobhanifar said, adding that such a situation could threaten Iranian steel industry too.

The European Union, the world's biggest trade bloc, chimed in.

The rumblings of a trade war continue as the European Union warns Trump that they will seek "re-balancing measures" should the new steel and aluminum tariffs include European Union countries.

"If there is a violation, then we will seek consultations".

Trump tweeted on Friday that he spoke with Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull about trade and military cooperation.

A Eurofer spokesman also warned that the US's punitive tariffs not only make market access more hard for European steel but could flood Europe with imports from other nations unable to get into the United States market, pushing prices down and endangering EU jobs. According to data from S&P Global Platts a small amount of the 2% of imported steel that came into the US past year was from China. The tariffs would "seriously impact the normal order of global trade", the Ministry of Commerce said. We've got an aluminium and steel industry.

The dispute has fuelled concerns that soybeans, the United States' most valuable export to China, might be caught up in the row after Beijing launched an inquiry probe into imports of USA sorghum, a grain used in animal feed and liquor.