OJ Simpson's Hypothetical Confession on Double Murder in 2006


"If I'd known he said this in 2006, I would not have objected to the release of this video", former prosecutor Christopher Darden said on the Fox program after screening the clips.

O.J. Simpson found the real killer of ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman as promised, but you may have missed the revelation Sunday night on Fox.

During a recent press event for the Fox special, Executive Producer Terence Wrong said that part of the reason why Fox hasn't aired this footage until now is because it was "misplaced". "The hashtag "#DidOJConfess" was trending on Twitter throughout the broadcast. The interview goes on to cover the aftermath of the crime - including the infamous Bronco chase - and Regan's questioning about what was going through Simpson's mind at that time keeps steering him toward explaining his feelings of anger, frustration, depression and yes, guilt. Fox had planned on airing the interview 12 years ago but scrapped the project, reportedly because of public outrage over the book Simpson wrote about the murders, Variety reported.

Yes, O.J. Simpson: The Lost Confession is the programming equivalent of finding your meth-addict buddy on the floor of his apartment, face-down in a puddle of his own sick. Most everyone - if not everyone, except Simpson himself in his "hypothetical" world - believes that he murdered Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman, regardless of his acquittal.

He even plays the sympathy card for an incident in 1989, when he was convicted of spousal abuse after beating Brown so severely that she required hospital treatment.

If it wasn't for the family dog attracting the attention of a neighbour they would have been the ones to discover their mother's butchered body.

According to Simpson's scenario, he and Charlie went to Brown's home and confronted her and Goldman.

"I always kept a knife in the auto for the crazies and stuff because you can't travel with a gun". Nicole came out, things got heated, she told O.J.to get the f*** off her property, and then he says Nicole fell and hurt herself.

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In 1994, Simpson was found not guilty of the murders.

Simpson said that when he was in the vehicle with Cowlings, he was planning on going to Nicole's grave, but after listening to the radio, he made a decision to just go home. Simpson claims he doesn't remember what happened after that. "And I remember I grabbed the knife, I do remember that portion, taking the knife from Charlie, and to be honest, after that, I don't remember".

"I got angry at Ron, presumably thinking he was there on a date with Nicole and started screaming at him". Except I'm standing there and there's all kinds of stuff around... "Blood and stuff around", he replied.

"It's hard for me to describe it", he says. "It was disgusting. It was absolutely frightful". In fact, the network went on to say that Simpson's interview with Judith Regan was lost. Simpson alleged that Charlie came to his house on the night of June 12 and told him stories about Nicole's wild partying. He said that he kept warning her not to push him and she didn't listen. "This was scripted by Judith Regan - the publisher of the book".

Simpson at first resisted discussing the killings but later appeared at several points to validate the prosecution's timeline and theory of the case.

OJ Simpson stands during sentencing at the Clark County Regional Justice Center December 5, 2008 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Simpson was released from prison in October, having served time for kidnapping and armed robbery in his attempt to recover sports memorabilia.