Royal pay gap? The Crown's Queen Elizabeth paid less than her prince


Even Queen Elizabeth herself, the human embodiment of poise and restraint, would likely find herself angry to discover that the actress who plays her on Netflix's The Crown earned less than her male counterpart during the first two seasons of the critically-acclaimed period drama.

Netflix seems to have learned this too late, however, as it was revealed on Tuesday that lead actress Claire Foy made less than co-star Matt Smith for her work on the show. As is so often the case with the gender pay gap, we're not dealing with a level playing field.

Claire Foy and Matt Smith hit the red carpet for the last time for The Crown season two premiere.

She earned a Golden Globe Award and a Screen Actor's Guild Awards for best actress following the first season. Smith, 35, was not similarly honored.

Just because she plays a queen doesn't mean she is paid like one...

It is unclear what Smith was paid. As noted above, Smith was paid more because of his preexisting fame from playing The Doctor in Doctor Who-a role that has famously never been played by a woman until previous year, when Jodie Whitaker was cast as the first-ever female Doctor.

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"Going forward, no one gets paid more than the queen", Variety quoted Mackie as saying.

Unfortunately, Foy will not see a financial boost as she is no longer appearing as Elizabeth II.

For the third series, which moves into the 1970s, Prince Philip will also be played by a different actor.

Netflix Inc declined to comment on actor salaries.

For Smith and Foy's reaction to Carter joining The Crown, watch below!

The ongoing disparity between men and women in the entertainment business is reflected in annual lists published by Forbes magazine.