'American Idol' Is Back for a New Life on ABC


"We need those handsome stories right now to help lift us up, inspire us, and believe in ourselves again". Her song was cute and her voice was a bit like Miranda Lambert, but I think she's a pretty strong performer for 16. Ryan Seacrest is still around despite a swirl of controversy, but the judges box looks decidedly different, with Katy Perry, Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan calling the shots. She obviously gets three yeses and her pass to Hollywood. With the rise of talent TV and social media, many worthy talents gain exposure and certain career boosts, but only "American Idol" can lay claim to genuine, lasting, and Grammy-winning artists. "It's disgusting", said Perry before showcasing her unique skill. I've been a fan of American Idol since season one and I'm ready! "It's disgusting", she said. "Nothing's gonna stop me from pushing toward my dream". She performed "Young, Dumb and Broke" by Khalid, and Lionel loved the quality of her voice.

When Benjamin told the judges that he hadn't kissed a girl, as he couldn't do so without being in a relationship, Katy Perry asked him to come over to her desk for his first kiss. The Season 16 premiere airs tonight and you definitely want to catch this live. A lot. But they send her to Hollywood to help her grow.

'You're going to mace us, ' said the Play It Again crooner, 'don't let him go through your pocketbook, Nicole, and get your pepper spray'. Personally, I'm a straight shooter. Katy also called her "dope". "I will never forget Luke Bryan said to me, 'You are the reason why I am doing this. You know how to imitate, but you haven't found your thing yet".

Though there may be some disagreement on the rankings of the judging panels that followed, anyone who's ever watched "American Idol" will agree that the original Simon Cowell-Randy Jackson-Paula Abdul combination was the best and most effective.

She said she has hopes of bringing the show back to life and to give hope to other aspiring singers.

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Is it just us, or do a LOT of people watch American Idol to see the absurd wanna-be contestants rejected early in the very first episodes??

Her next step? Heading back to Nashville. He nailed not just the song but earned a dance with Katy Perry. Even "The Voice" knows how to mix things up to keep the show fresh.

And while some were secretly hoping punk rocker Nico Bones - who said he loved playing rock in clubs for the "free drinks" (honesty that's appreciated!) - would advance to the next round, he promptly blows it with a plugged-in, punk version of 'The Worm Song'.

Sardor Milano, a supermarket employee, is 26 years old from Orlando. Was there collusion? It was like a cat, falling from the top of the Empire State Building (whoops, wrong judge and Idol season). Those who did not make it were not told that they suck.

The fact that it's been widely reported Perry is receiving $25 million as a judge on the show taints her image in this battle with nuns. The panel applauded his ability to make such music from such a bare but beloved instrument, and his golden ticket capped an unexpectedly moving first night.