Google Home can now set location-based reminders on your phone


The Google Assistant powered home is getting a nice automation boost thanks to the rollout of Routines for devices controlled by Google's voice assistant.

Being able to ask Google Assistant follow-up questions without needing to say the action word again has removed a lot of frustration we used to experience when interacting with the search giants virtual assistant.

If you're a fan of Google Assistant, today is a good day.

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Google Home devices now let you set location-based reminders. That's available free from the App Store. Instead, you get the reminders on your phone as you reach the store.

As mentioned above the Google Assistant "Routines" is available for the U.S. consumers only at the moment there is no information when the feature will be available for more countries and when it will be rolled out for the Indian market. Now, if you have your hands full at home, you can do all that through a smart speaker entirely by voice. It's a set of multi-step actions triggered by one command - they're called Scenes in Apple HomeKit, Applets in IFTTT etc. For example, "Hey Google, remind me to pick up some bacon at Wal Mart" will trigger a notification only when you're around a Wal Mart, while "Hey Google, remind me to pick up flowers from the florist" will trigger when you're near any florist. What would really be useful is the ability to issue reminders to specific people through Google Home, with not only the instruction but a person whose phone it should pop up on being given explicitly.

I just tested this on my Google Home and it worked fine.