Tons of gold bars fall out the back of Russian cargo plane


It added that the airport suggested that "technicians who were preparing the plane for takeoff could have failed to properly fix the gold cargo".

A hatch of a cargo plane accidentally flew open during takeoff, which was carrying precious metals that led to almost 3 tonnes of gold to scatter on the runway.

The head of the airport, Nikolai Mesnikov, told ABC News that the cargo consisted of bars of doré - an alloy of gold and silver - that weighed about 44 pounds each.

Over 170 gold bars have fallen out the back of a Russian cargo plane after the hatch flew open as the plane was taking off.

The aircraft continued to lose its cargo until it performed an emergency landing 16 miles away from its original location.

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As many as 200 bars were part of the cargo, each weighing about 20 kg. No one was injured by the flying gold.

According to The Siberian Times, the plane's cargo hatch tore open during takeoff, so the plane spilled almost 200 gold bars (weighing a total of 3.4 tons, or 3 metric tons) into the air.

Police have detained technical engineers at the Yakutsk airport after a plane lost a third of its cargo of precious metals following a malfunctioning with the cargo door.

The plane was headed for the Siberian city of Krasnoyarsk, according to a statement from an investigative committee, Tass reported.

The bars came from the Kupol gold mine in the Chukotka region, investigators said, which is operated by Canada-based mining company Kinross Gold.