Iran slams Saudi Crown Prince's comments


Saudi Energy Minister Khalid al-Falih said recently that Aramco was too important to risk listing in the United States because of litigation concerns, such as existing lawsuits against rival oil companies for their role in climate change.

Declassified US documents on the 9/11 attacks have revealed many current Saudi rulers have played a flagrant role in the terror incidents, he added.

"This is not the real Saudi Arabia", Prince Mohammed said when asked by CBS News about the repressive version of Islam many outsiders associate with the kingdom.

The Royal Court said the crown prince will meet Trump and a number of officials "to discuss bilateral relations and issues of common interest", Saudi Press Agency reported.

The Prince was received on Tuesday morning by Saudi Arabia's Ambassador to the US, Prince Khalid bin Salman and the US State Department's Ambassador to the US, Sean Oler.

On the announcement by the US President that he will not ratify the renewal of the nuclear agreement with Iran, the minister said, "this is for the US administration and its policy, and Iran must be held accountable for the export of terrorism and the use of ballistic missiles and interference in the affairs of other countries".

Although the US has welcomed MBS's determination to purge pervasive corruption in Saudi Arabia, including by royals, the Trump administration hasn't endorsed his tactics.

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The Pentagon since 2015 has provided "non-combat support" to Saudi Arabia, including intelligence sharing and air-to-air refueling for its war planes.

The prince is also due to have dinner with Jared Kushner, Trump's senior adviser and son-in-law, along with Jason Greenblatt, the two point men in the Trump administration overseeing Middle East peace efforts.

Afterwards, in October 2017, Saudi King Salman Ben Abdel Aziz Al Saud became the first of the kings of Saudi Arabia to have paid a state visit to Moscow. Also like Saudi Arabia, Israel shares a common foe with the United States in Iran.

From Washington, the theme turns more to business than politics, with an itinerary that will take the crown prince from Washington to Boston, New York, Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Houston.

Ten months after the last face-to-face meeting between Trump and Crown Prince Mohammed, in Riyadh, the 71-year-old president and the 32-year-old strongman prince are expected to deepen an already warm and congenial relationship.

Traditional allies in London, Berlin and Ottawa have seen ties strained as the Republican president upends, or threatens to upend, historic trade and security agreements.

Prince Mohammed capped his rapid rise to power last June by replacing his elder cousin Prince Mohammed bin Nayef, who had close relationships with US intelligence and defense circles, as crown prince.