United CEO speaks out after slew of dog mishaps


After a string of incidents involving pets, United Airlines said Tuesday will stop allowing passengers to transport animals in the cargo holds of its aircraft, pending a review.

Reservations already in place as of 20 March will be honored, United saidin a statement, but no new reservations will be accepted for pets to travel in the cargo departments of the carrier's airplanes until at least 1 May, when United expects the review process to be completed.

Earlier this week, the airline suspended its pet-shipping business, pending a thorough review of the program. He said the airline is not ending the program. He said a ramp supervisor will be required to oversee the loading and unloading of all animals in cargo, and another official will have to certify that the animals were handled properly before the flight takes off.

After Kokito's needless death, United announced they would give out brightly coloured luggage tags to help identify pets who travel alongside their guardians inside the cabin.

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United said it was taking full responsibility for that incident.

Hobart responded, "Our immediate focus right now is improving our services for our customers and pets".

United has also been involved in other high-profile animal cargo mishaps including the well documented death of a giant rabbit called Simon. Responsible for an astonishing 18 of 24 animal deaths aboard USA airlines a year ago, the company must undergo major policy changes to protect animals onboard.

"To achieve this outcome, we will partner with independent experts in pet safety, comfort and travel". Over the weekend, Delta Air Lines apologized after sending an 8-week-old puppy to the wrong destination.