Woman assaulted in moving bus in Uttar Pradesh, 4 men arrested


According to report, the woman was dragged to a room after the incident where the former village panchayat officer and his men molested her. At the very least, a "Happy anniversary, honey!" from her husband.

A Zephyrhills woman is facing domestic violence charges after she allegedly attacked her husband for forgetting their anniversary, the Pasco County Sheriff's Office said.

The incident happened on March 10, local police confirmed on Thursday, according to Hindustan Times. Each time she receives a hit, the woman can be heard screaming in agony.

'The most attractive Carpool Karaoke'
The mothers all knew each other from Facebook group Designer Genes , where every member has a child with Down's Syndrome. A "Carpool Karaoke" style video featuring children with Down syndrome singing along with their mothers has gone viral.

According to a probable cause statement, Carpenter and her daughter were in an argument at a home on North Columbia Street on Monday. However, when she arrived, her husband orchestrated the flogging. "She did not inform her husband or others before she left", the SHO said. "The woman has been sent to the hospital for medical examination". The woman's husband is among the three that have since been arrested.

Elom remarked that the ministry received a distress call that Nwali was maltreating children in her custody and immediately stormed her house. Footage of the grim punishment was posted online and spread quickly, which then led to the arrest of the woman's husband, Shaudan, and his son, Shravansinh. The woman named, Jahan Taab, was writing an entrance exam for a social science course at Nasirkhosraw Higher Education Institute in Nilli city when she was photographed. "We have filed a case against 20 to 25 unknown people".