Jewish leaders launch scathing attack against Corbyn


Attended by Jewish people from across the religious spectrum as well as non-Jewish people of many other faiths, the rally took place against the historic backdrop of the Houses of Parliament, surrounded by statues of great British politicians.

"He is repeatedly found alongside people with blatantly anti-Semitic views, but claims never to hear or read them. Making systemic changes is more hard and it is for Labour to prove it can do this through actions, Not words". Failing to do so will not only make it infinitely more hard to make legitimate criticism of Israeli actions, it will also undermine the entire anti-racist agenda of the Labour party. "I'm afraid that it's time for action rather than words".

Jeremy Corbyn was told by Britain's Jewish community that "the time for talking is over" after he said he was sorry for antisemitism among his left-wing supporters.

In their open letter, the Jewish groups denounced what they described as the far left's "obsessive hatred of Zionism, Zionists and Israel" and gave examples of how that often translated into overtly anti-Semitic language. Many Jews within and beyond the Labour party are suffering from these policies along with the rest of the population, and oppose them vehemently.

Corbyn said he would be meeting representatives of the Jewish community to "rebuild" confidence in his party.

Labour's deputy leader has not explicitly ruled out the party backing a second Brexit referendum in the future.

Mr Watson's comments risk further fuelling the row sparked by Mr Smith's departure on Friday, with Mr Corbyn accused of a "terrible Stalinist purge" in the aftermath of the decision coming to light.

The Labour leader declined to answer questions about anti-Semitism in Labour as he left his north London home on Monday.

Dozens of top Labour MPs defied their party leader as they turned up to show their support for the Jewish community this evening and say "enough is enough".

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He has also apologised for previously expressing public support for an east London mural that had been ordered to be removed due to anti-Semitic imagery. "It will be an accurate quote of something Corbyn has said".

This is the moment members of the protest against anti-Semitism in the Labour Party clashed with a pro-Palestine demonstrator.

Jeremy Corbyn has written to Jewish leaders insisting he is a "militant opponent" of anti-Semitism. "Enough apologies, enough insipid justifications, enough excuses".

The mural issue, like several similar controversies in the past, appeared not to dent Corbyn's support among dedicated grassroots followers who saw it as the latest attempt by establishment figures to smear and undermine him.

The Jewish Labour Movement, which includes MPs, officials, and peers, accused Mr Corbyn of allowing anti-semitism in the party to go "unnoticed and unchallenged".

Last night Corbyn responded to the accusations, saying, "Labour is an anti-racist party and I utterly condemn anti-semitism..."

Luciana Berger, a Labour MP who had demanded an explanation from Corbyn, said his response was wholly inadequate.

Mr Smith, the former shadow Northern Ireland secretary, told Sky News he was sacked for voicing views on Brexit that are shared by the "overwhelming majority" of Labour members.

He added: "We know what needs to be done, we don't need any more mealy mouthed statements from the leader of the Labour Party".