Gaza families call for investigation into Israeli use of fatal force


U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has called for an independent investigation into Friday's bloodshed.

The UN called for a transparent, independent investigation. "I think all our soldiers deserve a medal", Lieberman told Army Radio on Sunday.

"Freedom of expression and freedom of assembly are fundamental rights that must be respected", added Mogherini, a former Italian foreign minister who speaks on behalf of the European Union's 28 member states.

"There will be no such thing here".

"People coming towards the fence, attempting to penetrate and break into the fence, damaging the infrastructure or using that area as a staging ground could potentially be shot", said Lt Col Peter Lerner, of the Israel Defense Forces.

Erdogan responded later in the day by calling Netanyahu a "terrorist". Among those who killed there were Mohammed Najjar, 25, was shot in the stomach; Mahmoud Muammar, 38, and Mohammed Abu Omar, 22, were both shot dead in Rafah. "Israel will act firmly and decisively to protect its sovereignty and the security of its citizens", he said.

With the two bodies, the death toll of Palestinians killed by Israeli gunfire during rallies demanding the return of refugees near the Gaza border rises to 17.

Hospitals in Gaza have been overwhelmed by the influx of wounded civilians following the use of live fire by the Israeli military, rights groups said on Sunday. Accusations to which Hebrew leader replied: "The world's most moral army will not receive lessons from those who for years have bombarded civilian population indiscriminately".

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Además, la funcionaria judicial no descartó que hechos del mismo tenor estén ocurriendo en otros clubes de fútbol. Garibaldi advirtió de que " esto podría afectar a seis clubes de Primera , pero en (categorías) inferiores ".

Multiple other videos posted online show the same scene.

The EU is the biggest donor to the Palestinians and has spoken out against US President Donald Trump's Jerusalem decision. Even the United Kingdom's Conservative former Prime Minister David Cameron has described the Israeli-besieged Gaza Strip as a "prison camp" and "open-air prison". Lower the voting age to 16 and let these kids - whiny, mature, brilliant, totally clueless, gun owners, gun haters, whatever they are - be part of the conversation for real?

The mass marches were led by Gaza's ruling Hamas group and touted as the launch of a six-week-long protest campaign.

On Saturday, 49 more people were wounded in the ongoing demonstrations.

What brought them all together, of course, was gun violence and the desire for change.

The protests may however again see large crowds after this coming Friday's main Muslim prayers and for other key dates ahead. The protest will be ongoing until Nakba Day - the day of "catastrophe" that marks the establishment of the State of Israel.

The vast majority of Gaza's two million people are descendants of Palestinians who fled or were driven from homes in what is now Israel.