Chelsea stars slammed with damning statement on live TV following Tottenham loss


Tottenham have been excellent this season on the most part, and now sit in fourth spot in the Premier League table, although they have a game in hand on third placed Liverpool.

Levy's salary increased by about 53 percent from £2.8m in the previous season, according to the club's financial results for the year ending June 30, 2017 which show that the highest-paid director - believed to be Levy - earned £6.013m in 2016-17.

"This puts massive pressure on Chelsea in terms of the Premier League and getting into the Champions League places".

Participation in the group stages of the Champions League and the round of 32 of the Europa League resulted in gate receipts and prize money of 44.6 million pounds.

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It marked the second time a South Korean team of taekwondo artists performed in Pyongyang, and the first since 2002. The deployment of such powerful weaponry during past drills has frequently drawn an angry response from the North.

"Extraordinary levels of financial and human resource have seen significant progress on capital projects, with schemes underway at both the new stadium site and our training centre", Levy said in a statement.

"As custodians of the club we are ever-conscious of the need to ensure the future stability of the Club whilst managing its growth". "There will, however, be many challenges in the coming months as we near the latter stages of the construction of the new stadium and its opening".

With a deal with the National Football League to host at least two games each season at the new White Hart Lane, plus residential buildings, shops, restaurants and more all part of the Northumberland Development Project to rejuvenate the area around their historic home, Spurs have spent plenty of cash on the project but all of that should help them generate even greater revenues in years to come.

Spurs said spending on the new stadium project increased from £115.3m to £315.1m during last season and revealed that the waiting list for season tickets has increased to more than 62,000.