United Kingdom threatens action against 1500 firms over silence on gender pay gap


Nearly eight out of 10 companies and public sector bodies operating in Britain pay men more than women overall, said data published Thursday confirming long-standing gender inequality in the workplace.

United Kingdom businesses have revealed the extent of the nationwide gender pay gap today, after a government deadline for companies with over 250 employees to publish gender pay data passed overnight.

Most companies which released a report explaining their particular data on pay, said the gender gap was the result of fewer women holding more senior roles, while several said they had plans in place to close the gap.

The Queen's Household gender pay report showed women took home £1.08 compared to a man's median hourly rate of £1.

Britain's biggest companies have lifted the lid on gender pay gap - with eight out of 10 admitting they pay men more than women. It said the median hourly figure showed women's pay to be 1.4% higher than that of men.

The companies with the greatest pay differences between men and women have been revealed.


The authority also recorded a mean bonus pay of 19.8% lower for women than men.

The gender pay gap at Dartford and Gravesham NHS Trust hospitals has been revealed.

"Our data is based on the analysis of a balanced workforce with 541 women and 537 men working across a diverse range of skilled crafts and professional disciplines".

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Fashion brand Karen Millen has reported a 50% mean gender pay gap for fixed hourly pay.

What the report revealed: While the report indicated that a almost equal proportion of women (75.3%) and men (74.3%) received bonuses in 2017, despite making up 45% of Sony's 359 employees, having fewer women in the most senior roles has impacted the company's findings significantly.

EA, Sony, and Microsoft were among the best in the report, logging a disparity below the United Kingdom average. KFC, McDonald's, and Starbucks reported zero pay gap.

PDSA, which is number 55 in the Index, paid men a median average of 44.3 per cent more than women, and a mean figure of 28.6 per cent more than women.

Hardie said that not meeting these new targets means he would not be paid a bonus, regardless of ITN's overall financial performance. In contrast, the technology and education industries have the lowest controlled pay gap at 0.8 percent and 0.6 percent, respectively. Network Rail said there was no difference in the median bonus paid to staff.

There is certainly far more going on with the gender pay gap than men and women simply being paid differently for the same work.

Caroline James Nock, vice president and HR director at Marie Stopes International, said that the figures were down to employment practices in its United Kingdom clinics, where most surgeons and anaesthetists were men, but most nurses and healthcare assistants are women.

Bonhams is the worst offender with a 36.7% pay gap, Christie's pays women 25% less than male colleagues and the difference at Sotheby's stands at 22.2%.