Hamilton hit by grid penalty in Bahrain


Will Sebastian Vettel be victorious from pole at the Bahrain GP? When it crossed the line, the Ferrari had barely a shred of rubber left.

Max Verstappen has blamed a 150-horsepower surge from his Renault engine for triggering the Q1 crash that put him out of Formula 1 qualifying at the Bahrain Grand Prix.

"Surgery OK. I have to thank all of the people anxious".

Hamilton was only fifth and fourth respectively in yesterday's practice sessions with Ferrari's Kimi Raikkonen setting the pace ahead of team-mate Vettel. the Italian team seemed to have the advantage over Mercedes in the hotter temperatures.

Hamilton's Mercedes, too, is no longer as dominant as it was early in the turbo-hybrid era.

Vettel won Sunday's race despite admitting he felt Mercedes had him in "check-mate" when they adopted a one stop strategy.

Things could have been a lot worse for the Briton, though.

"It was a racing incident". Max did not need to squeeze Lewis as much as he did.

Upon his arrival, Verstappen's team would advise him to retire from the race - such was the gap between himself and the rest of the field. It was the team's first double DNF since Korea 2010.

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While Raikkonen was blameless for the accident (the light had, after all, gone green) he has been criticised by fans for barely acknowledging the chaos in his wake as he trudged back to the garage from his stricken auto.

Hamilton has said that he doubts he could have won in Bahrain after being held up in traffic over the opening laps but he was frustrated that the team had not established a protocol with which he was comfortable.

The points were the first of the 22-year-old Frenchman's Formula One career in his seventh start.

Last season, the battle for the title between Vettel and Hamilton was often a heated affair, which peaked during the Azerbaijan Grand Prix when Vettel deliberately rammed Hamilton's Mercedes when the race was neutralised by a Safety Car period.

If (McLaren's) Fernando (Alonso) was in their auto, he would have got points for Red Bull.

Hamilton had a choice word to describe Verstappen in the wake of their Bahrain clash, which left the Dutchman with a puncture.

"I felt at the time was just unnecessary to do so", Hamilton stated.

"Today he should have finished a decent race, because he's good enough to do that. I can't really remember what point of the race it was or why we were in that position, but I don't really care to be honest".