For women in the workforce, less money means more problems


Tuesday, Equal Pay Day, takes place around the beginning of every April each year to symbolize how women in the US must work, on average, 15 months in order to earn the same amount of money as men do per year in the same jobs.

Equal Pay Day is here raising awareness on the pay gap between men and women throughout the United States and around the world. If the gap were eliminated, for example, the extra money earned by the average woman in Colorado would be equivalent to 8.6 months of childcare, 6.9 months of rent, or 0.7 additional years of tuition and fees for a four-year public university, according to the study.

April 10 is being dubbed "Equal Pay Day" because it symbolizes how far into 2018 women need to work to catch up to what men earned in 2017. The creators of Equal Pay Day want to convince women that fact is evidence that, in America, the deck is still stacked against women, and the women and men who make employment decisions consistently short-change female workers out of old-fashioned bias.

But the gender pay gap is a flawed measure: comparing median men's and women's wages doesn't tell you anything useful. A woman earns about $41,554 a year working full time, while a man averages $51,640.

In New Hampshire's 2 C.D., women make 84 percent of a man's salary, while in the 2 C.D., they made 82 cents, according to the report.

Yet earnings are just one attribute that people consider when evaluating potential jobs and careers.

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A MS organization is encouraging state residents to participate in Equal Pay Day on Tuesday after equal pay protection failed during the past legislative session. "I believe you ought to have equal pay for equal work".

For Latina women, it's 54 cents.

Because women tend to earn higher grades than men, the gap isn't due to academic differences between the genders, they noted. We also make most of the household decisions about the types and quantity of products that we buy for the home.

Failure to pay women equally limits their ability to attain economic stability. "It is time that New Jersey sends the message that we will not tolerate wage discrimination, and I am eagerly awaiting Gov. Murphy signing this fundamental measure into law".

So why do women earn less than men? Dozens of other states have introduced similar legislation including Vermont. On April 10, Boom Boom Brow Bar is donating 20 percent of all services to charities that are helping fight the wage gap. While men are found to receive a salary increase or benefit for becoming parents, women's wages suffer, and they are sometimes seen as less invested in their jobs by employers (whether or not that's objectively true).

Anti-wage secrecy laws, she says, are one of the most powerful tools in combating pay inequity because they can help workers know their real market value.