Comey comments on McCabe allegations — The Latest


A little guy who worked for a Clinton interviewing a guy whose family was also pro-Hillary.

In the preface to the alleged crimes, the lawmakers stress that investigations into the Trump campaign and that of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton were marked with "dissimilar degrees of zealousness". But right-wing titan Rush Limbaugh praised Loomer's questioning-castigating her dissidents on Twitter as "people who failed".

Comey failed to respond to your petition for comment. Ask no more questions. This information prompted the director to re-open the Hillary Clinton email investigation.

That "tarmac" meeting should never have happened. "A man's man would just go back and listen and say, 'This is wrong what happened here' or memorialize it in a proper document", he said, adding "you have these amazing men and women in the FBI, if you really believe something is going on then sick them on him". This book serves as a preview of his likely testimony. Our president calling for the imprisonment of private citizens.

Of course, even Dems like Lanny Davis are happy with what Comey is doing to President Trump. We have a rule-of-law system.

"I think it's possible". He is opposed to reauthorizing the NSA's electronic-eavesdropping program.

Quick cut to dinner in the Green Room of the White House.

Review of evidence revealed there was no lying.

"We write to refer the following individuals for investigation of potential violation (s) of federal statutes".

It only gets worse.

James Comey has an image problem.

Comey was prepared to resign on principle - and how often does that happen in American government?

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Trump clearly was suspicious of Comey's motive for remaining behind at a Trump Tower intelligence briefing to inform the president about a so-called dossier written by a former British intelligence operative that alleged the Kremlin had been supporting Trump for years.

Frankly, her judgment was miserable.

The Justice Department is expected to make the James Comey memos available to Congress on Thursday, according to a source with knowledge of the matter.

"Well, if you look at those text messages, it raises a lot of alarming things, one of which is obstruction of a congressional investigation", DeSantis warned.

What will Comey's contradictions add up to this time?

While both parties are down on Mr. Comey, many in the media are turned off by his holier-than-thou act.

"You paint a pretty dire picture of President Trump", Tapper said.

Just minutes later, Trump made a quick pivot away from the North Korea situation to blasting the Russia probe that continues to cast a shadow over his administration.

In the book, Comey also compares Trump to a mob boss and describes him as a liar who demanded "loyalty" from him and who seemed to lack "emotional intelligence". He will say Mr. Trump politicized Justice, rounding out a national tragedy, in part his fault, with Shakespearean irony.

As we now know, Comey fast tracked Clinton though the "investigation", exonerating her before all evidence was gathered and key interviews were conducted.

The real story is quite long, not so charming - and not yet over. Stewart is convicted on all counts in 2004 and sentenced to five months in prison. Americans need trust in their legal system.