Amazon's New Alexa Strategy: Get 'Em While They're Young


Amazon is revamping its Echo Dot speaker to entice parents with its new child-friendly Kids Edition. It also costs more than the standard Echo Dot, at $80, even if the hardware is nearly identical. They cost $80 where the standard Echo Dot costs $50. is offering a $30 (roughly Rs. 2,000) discount on purchase of two units. Priced at $79.99 (roughly Rs. 5,400) in the United States, and available starting May 9, this edition of the Echo Dot comes with one-year free FreeTime Unlimited subscription. The FreeTime Unlimited connection for a kids' companion Fire Kids Edition Tablet or an Android Device means you can use the parent dashboard to set filters and safety features, to see all their activity, and to monitor specific time spent on apps, books, videos, and the web. They've also got Amazon Storytime if you want Alexa to read your kids a story because you're too busy keeping up to date on Facebook and Instagram. While the regular, $49 Dot is considered a more affordable and accessible version of the Echo speaker, the Kids Edition costs more thanks to its bundled software. Parents will also be able to limit Alexa access by time limits. The standalone messaging app, targeted at children ages six to 12, allows kids to chat with friends and make video calls.

Politeness counts, at least when your child asks Alexa a question on an Amazon Echo speaker. The one limitation with the Kids Edition is that it does not accept any drop-ins, calls or messages from Alexa devices outside your home. They've felt the devices have been conditioning their kids to be rude by not asking the assistant questions politely, instead incessantly barking at a disembodied female voice and implicitly learning that that's an acceptable way to act towards people.

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"AI devices interfere with the face-to-face interactions and kid-driven play that children need to grow and thrive", said Josh Golin, executive director for the Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood.

Can I get these features on an Echo Dot I already own? "Use Drop In to instantly connect to another Echo device at home, or send an announcement to other Echo devices at once". AFTVnews was first to notice the page on an online mailing list directory that shows a dedicated section to the "Fire TV Cube". With FreeTime on Alexa parents can configure all kinds of limits, such as the times that kids can interact with the Echo Dot. Echo Dot Kids Edition Echo Dot Kids Edition is the simplest way to get started with the Alexa kids experience.

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