Cavusoglu, Pompeo to discuss Afghanistan in Brussels


Pompeo pressed allies to increase their military budgets to meet a target of two percent of economic output spent on defense every year by 2024, as well as ensuring 20 percent of the outlay is on equipment, a United States official said.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg believes that to solve the DPRK is still far away, acting against Pyongyang worldwide sanctions must be maintained. "Therefore it's even more important that we are able to combine, both to be strong and to have a clear position of unity in our approach to Russian Federation but at the same time to keep the channels for dialogue open".

"They should meet the goal that they agreed to", he replied.

Still, Pompeo was quick to praise NATO as "invaluable" just minutes after getting off his plane, in his first meeting of the day, with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, a sharp contrast to Trump's earlier rebuke of the alliance.

And I look very much forward to working with you to continue to adapt North Atlantic Treaty Organisation to a more demanding security environment. Nine have produced realistic plans for reaching it by 2024, but the rest, including Germany, have not. Two-thirds of agencies using email fraud tool Senate confirms Pompeo as Trump's new secretary of State MORE, laid blame for the attack at Russia's feet before his firing by Trump last month.

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Stoltenberg said the summit, which comes ahead of a much-anticipated meeting between Kim and US President Donald Trump, was "a first important step towards a negotiated peaceful solution to the crisis on the Korean peninsula".

Many European allies are nonetheless cautious of Trump after his preliminary hesitation on reaffirming NATO's Article 5 of mutual protection and due to his fixed criticism that nations pay extra for his or her protection.

Unofficially, the decision to send Pompeo on the road as literally his first act in office sends a strong message to dispirited State Department employees who felt diplomacy and their expertise were sidelined under Tillerson.

Pompeo also renewed calls for the release of a jailed American pastor accused by Turkey of espionage, and encouraged Turkey not to pursue the purchase of an advanced air-defense system from Russian Federation. On Saturday, he will head to Saudi Arabia to meet with King Salman, and on Sunday he travels to Israel for talks with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and to Jordan to see King Abdullah. Pompeo, repeating Trump's pledge to withdraw from the deal unless it is significantly strengthened, said the US was "unlikely" to stay in if that was not done.

Pompeo opposed the Iran nuclear accord while in Congress.