No guns allowed at annual NRA convention during Pres. Trump speech


The gun lobby also banned weapons from their annual convention a year ago when president Trump gave a speech.

Vice President Mike Pence is also set to address the NRA's annual meeting on Friday.

Earlier this week, the NRA suggested that the Waffle House shooting, which an unarmed James Shaw prevented from being worse, could've been stopped immediately if he had a gun. "Now more than ever we need principled people in public office who will fight to defend the Constitution". Am I missing something?

Donald Trump speaks at the National Rifle Association's NRA-ILA Leadership Forum at the Kentucky Exposition Center on May 20, 2016. Deitsch wrote. "Can someone explain this to me?"

March for Our Lives did not respond to a request for comment.

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The irony was not lost on some Parkland students and parents.

Receive stories like this everyday to your email. At Texas CHL Forum, a message board for gun owners, commenters aired their frustrations. NRA leadership also expressed to have more "good guys" to be armed with guns for heightened safety. "No excuses for makes us look stupid", the commenter said. I won't be going anywhere that I cant carry my firearm.

Kasky, who has been on the frontlines of post-Parkland advocacy efforts, previously told TMZ that while he doesn't have respect for the NRA as an organization, the people who belong to the NRA are "just Americans".

The move is standard protocol by the Secret Service when either the President or Vice President is speaking.