Frontier Airlines contractor stabbed to death at Philly airport


A Frontier Airlines employee was stabbed to death Thursday after he got into a fight with a coworker on the tarmac at Philadelphia International Airport, reports said.

Authorities believe a 35-year-old man used a box cutter to fatally impale his co-worker, 28, in the torso. The victim was taken to a nearby hospital where he was later confirmed dead, and the suspect has been taken into custody.

The stabbing was reportedly at gate E6 in Philadelphia, "between two Frontier [Airlines] employees", according to preliminary police reports.

No passengers were involved or harmed, FOX 43 reported. The men are not Frontier employees.

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The investigation is ongoing, and the airport has not said if any flights would be impacted by the incident. reported the argument broke out in a break room for Worldwide Flight Services, an airplane cleaning contractor.

According to WPVI, the incident occurred around 11:30 a.m. on Thursday.

This story is developing.