Waymo Minivan Involved In Crash While Traveling In Autonomous Driving Mode


Chandler police said the Waymo van was in autonomous mode with an occupant behind the wheel at the time of the crash. The incident was the first death involving a fully autonomous vehicle.

A Waymo self-driving vehicle was involved in a serious accident in Chandler, Arizona earlier this afternoon.

Although Waymo has said it will be testing vehicles without safety drivers in Arizona, this was not one of them. The video shows the auto that struck the Waymo vehicle drove through an intersection at the same time a auto in the adjacent side was entering the intersection.

The autonomous auto development firm is a subsidiary of Alphabet Inc., Google's parent company, which started self-driving vehicle tests in 2009. The front crumpled zone of the Sedan had got badly broken along with its glass. The Honda city ends up hitting the Google's autonomous vehicle and both vehicles look severely damaged in the images.

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For photos from the scene captured the Waymo van injured in the area of the front left wheel and bumper. According to preliminary data, the initiator of the accident was another vehicle.

It remains unclear if the Waymo minivan had any passengers at the time of the collision and Tyler couldn't confirm whether or not the driver of the Honda suffered any injuries. "She sustained minor injuries". When it swerved, it entered the westbound lanes and struck the oncoming Waymo van.

"The Waymo vehicle is not the violator vehicle".

Experts noted that the company will have more answers after its technicians analyze the video and the data taken from vehicle's array of sensors and autonomous driving system.