Common Thinks the Country Has More Serious Concerns Than Kanye West


Kanye West graduated from music asset, to a ideal example of how fame and wealth can make you forget your blackness and corrupt your basic moral values...

A Detroit radio station's hosts are boycotting rapper Kanye West's music after the vocally pro-Trump artist made controversial remarks about slavery. That, or there were more black male Trump supporters than was originally thought, and thanks to Kanye they no longer feel afraid to admit it.

"You don't have to agree with trump but the mob can't make me not love him", West tweeted.

But today, his new BFF was singing his praises. For us as African American people, the answer to the poverty that plagues our neighborhood. the answer is to make enough money to move out, and the answer to our friends and family that usually have outlandish ideas is to distance ourselves from them.

"And by the way, Kanye West must have some power, because you probably saw, I doubled my African-American support numbers", the president told those gathered in Dallas.

Teen Arrested for Allegedly Planning an ISIS-Inspired Mass Shooting
The teen had allegedly sent out more than $1,400 to others to purchase weapons and gear to carry out the attack. The criminal solicitation charge stems from Azizi's attempt to involve others in the planned attack.

On what he thinks caused it, West said: "Fear, stress, control, being controlled, manipulation, like being a pawn in a chess piece of life, stressing things that create, like, validation, that I didn't need to worry about as much".

Of course he didn't share a source of these fake figures.

Many on social media couldn't help but comment on Trump's remarks. "And so a lot of people are listening; a lot of people are being influenced".

Along with T.I., John Legend, The Game and 50 Cent, Snoop hasn't been shy about airing his views on Kanye - the rapper recently compared him to the main character in "Get Out". Just like I said, the sh*t that come in his head, as soon as he says it it sounds awful. Black people are putting down each other because another black chooses to voice political support of a "white" man while his detractors voice support of their "white" political positions. In an interview with TMZ earlier this week (ends May 04), West shared his belief that slavery in the US was a "choice" for African-Americans, leading many of his fellow celebrities to express their outrage.