Microsoft Isn't Done With Kinect Yet


Microsoft's Build 2018 developer conference is now underway and today the software giant announced a lot of key focuses mainly pertaining to AI, Azure and Microsoft Edge.

This year's Build 2018 introduces lots of new Azure and AI products that are aimed at edge devices and developers that build for edge computing.

The Kinect tech's last appearance was within the HoloLens augmented reality headset, which is now with developers ahead of a potential consumer launch down the road.

Kinect was the coolest gadget Microsoft made that no one actually used, but now the company is bringing it back with an all new focus: AI and the cloud.

Facebook had its F8 developers' gathering last week. It has all the features from UWP along with a managed security model and support for both enterprise management and the Microsoft Store.

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In addition to the above, Microsoft is also looking to bring the power of Azure DevOps services to Github customers. Developers can deploy models on programmable silicon for higher performance than CPUs and GPUs.

Floor plans: The new mixed reality program Microsoft Layout will let HoloLens users design a floor plan with holographic furniture.

"Imagine being able to quickly drag and drop your phone's photos into a document on your PC in one swift movement - without having to take your phone out of your pocket", said Joe Belfiore, during the May 7th, 2018 Build keynote. He bragged about Microsoft's specialized chips when compared to Google's own custom chips (TPUs), saying that they were faster at some tasks, a claim the search giant would likely differ on. Now customers will be able to access Timeline on an iPhone with Microsoft Edge. The company has unveiled two Windows 10 iOS apps that will make it easier for your iPhone to work with your PC.

The Microsoft chief pegged Amazon as his most direct rival in the essential cloud distance - using Google a close third party. "Project Kinect for Azure empowers new scenarios for developers working with ambient intelligence", Microsoft says.