Pakistan's Diplomatic Dispute With US Intensifies


"The idea is, whenever an incident involving a U.S. diplomat happens anywhere in the country, it should be reported immediately to these people, so that they could resolve it."On Friday, Islamabad placed restrictions on USA diplomats in Pakistan, as Washington imposed similar curbs on Pakistani diplomats in the US".

Pakistan's The Nation and The Express Tribune reported Saturday that Col. At the very least, if Washington can not waive the diplomatic immunity to enable him to be prosecuted in Pakistan, Islamabad wants a commitment that he will be tried in the U.S. courts after he returns to America.

Col Hall last month ran a red light, killing a motorcyclist Ateeq Baig, 22.

Washington has rejected the Pakistani demand to withdraw Hall's diplomatic immunity to hold the diplomat accountable for his "criminal" act.

Pakistan on Thursday had confirmed that its diplomats in the United States will face travel restrictions from May 11.

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Los jefes de la mayoría de los bloques del Senado firmaron hoy un documento de apoyo al Gobierno nacional ante el inicio de conversaciones con el FMI .

Pakistan's relations with the US have steadily deteriorated since President Donald Trump announced a new South Asia strategy in August that blamed Islamabad for covertly supporting terrorist groups and the Taliban in neighboring Afghanistan.

Rehman saw the diplomatic dispute as an "unprecedented stalemate" in relations between Pakistan and the U.S. One State Department official said last month that the USA limits were being applied in response to prior similar restrictions by Pakistan, but some Pakistani officials called them offensive and unwarranted. So far no government official or U.S. Embassy official has offered us the agreement'. The passenger on the bike was also wounded. CCTV footage of the Safe City Project shows the diplomat driving a white land cruiser at a high speed and hitting the motorcycle after violating the red signal.

Six weeks ago, the State Department threatened to impose a travel restriction on Pakistan's Washington diplomatic corps if the harassment did not end by Friday.

Nevertheless, both the incident and the subsequent legal and diplomatic fights bear some similarities to a far more controversial case from March 2011, in which Raymond Davis, a Central Intelligence Agency contractor, shot and killed two Pakistani motorcyclists in Lahore, and a third man was hit and killed by a vehicle that came to assist Davis.

The FIA didn't allow Joseph to leave the country until the officials get orders from the federal government.