Trump fumes over FBI's use of informant during campaign


A group of House Republicans called Tuesday for the appointment of a second special counsel to investigate concerns about the Department of Justice and FBI, just days after Trump first called for an investigation into whether his campaign was "infiltrated or surveilled" for by an alleged FBI informant.

"It is scheduled to take place on Thursday of this week".

The issue of Halper's role as an informant has lately been pushed by House Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes, who has consistently worked in tandem with the White House in a broad effort to undermine the special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation.

The meeting will mark the next milestone in a long-running feud between President Donald Trump, the Justice Department and conservative lawmakers over the FBI's use of a confidential source in what is now special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation into whether the Trump campaign coordinated with Russian Federation.

On Sunday, via Twitter, Trump demanded that the Justice Department concoct a transparently political investigation, with the aim of smearing veteran professionals at Justice and the FBI and also throwing mud at the previous administration.

The pretext Trump seized on is the revelation that a longtime FBI and Central Intelligence Agency informant, described as a retired college professor, made contact with three Trump campaign associates before the election as part of the FBI's initial investigation into Russian meddling.

Trump made the demand amid days of public venting about the special counsel investigation, which he has deemed a "witch hunt" that he says has yielded no evidence of collusion between his campaign and Russian Federation.

"To my knowledge, the Democrats have not requested that information, so I would refer you back to them on why they would consider themselves randomly invited to see something they've never asked to", Sanders said.

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Mueller and the Trump-appointed Rosenstein are registered Republicans, and the special counsel's team is made up of members affiliated with both parties. He turned over texts between two FBI employees, allowing them to be smeared by the president and the conservative media while the FBI investigation into their conduct was ongoing.

With his demand, Trump entered into the realm of applying presidential pressure on the Justice Department regarding an investigation into his own campaign - a move few of his predecessors have made. On Tuesday at the White House, when asked if he has confidence in Rosenstein, Trump demurred, responding, "Next question, please". The FBI director at the time was James Comey, and while we heard plenty about Clinton's emails before the vote, we had no idea that such a mature investigation of the Trump campaign was underway.

"President Trump's own Federal Bureau of Investigation director (Wray) this week said when elected officials start exposing classified information, exposing informants that work with our government, America is less safe", Senate Intelligence Vice Chairman Mark Warner, D-Va., told CNN on Sunday.

For Trump's supporters in the House, that is not good enough.

Nunes declined to address Schiff's claims, telling reporters they could get information from him by watching when he is interviewed on the Sunday morning news shows. "This is not only a threat to the rule of law, but a risky precedent for our democracy".

Democratic members have rejected the notion of a "spy" being deployed for political purposes, saying it is routine for law enforcement and intelligence officials to use informants when determining possible criminal actions.

"The review of highly classified documents in the midst of a highly charged partisan conflict raises the clear and present danger of illegal disclosure potentially catastrophic to confidential sources and operations", Blumenthal warned.